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For our Bahrani audience we can state the same as the UAE since the most popular searches are Toyota and Hyundai. However, the Elantra gains a bit more traction than the Corolla
A complete different story with regards car searches. As the most popular car brands in Egypt we found that Chevrolet is the undisputed market leader.
With a similar behaviour than Bahrain, the most popular brands in Saudi Arabia are Toyota and Hyundai. However the model and prices differ.
A small market in the GCC. However, Toyota rules followed by Kia
Nissan apperas in the ranking! As the second most popular car brand after another iconic Japanese brand; Toyota
Same as in Oman, the two most popular brands for Qatar are Nissan and Toyota
This month Toyota was the most popular brand, followed by Hyundai in the UAE. Seems the Japanese cars are the favourites across our audience.